Friday, May 17, 2013


The aim of the contest is to improve the luggage compartment of BMW. The contest exists out of three categories: variability, restraint system, and coverage of the luggage compartment. It is possible to develop a solution within each of the categories.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

NHRA Dragster Finals. Pomona 2012. California.

Daniel Simon's Hollywood Work

Elefante 3d

Elefante 3d by HARDEX_Design
Elefante 3d, a photo by HARDEX_Design on Flickr.

3d printing example

3d printing example by Dylan
3d printing example, a photo by Dylan on Flickr.

Diagram for 6900 series (ex-LATL)


gray0702.jpg by johnpaulgoguen
gray0702.jpg, a photo by johnpaulgoguen on Flickr.

Schematic for Nanobat prop

Schematic for Nanobat prop by .M.
Schematic for Nanobat prop, a photo by .M. on Flickr.

2011 Duramax Diesel 6.6L V8 Turbo Engine

Sarge - Disney Pixar Cars 2

Sarge - Disney Pixar Cars 2 by Gandoza
Sarge - Disney Pixar Cars 2, a photo by Gandoza on Flickr.

Disney Pixar Cars 2 - Professor Z

Combine John Deere

Combine John Deere by Gandoza
Combine John Deere, a photo by Gandoza on Flickr.

3D John Deere Combine

3D John Deere Combine by Gandoza
3D John Deere Combine, a photo by Gandoza on Flickr.

John Deere Combine T670

John Deere Combine T670 by Gandoza
John Deere Combine T670, a photo by Gandoza on Flickr.

BTR-70 APC schematic drawing

BTR-70 APC schematic drawing by Milgeek
BTR-70 APC schematic drawing, a photo by Milgeek on Flickr.

Modern lamp

Love this work from Anas Arab


3d Urban design

Raveland 3D model

Raveland 3D model a video by raveland.robotics on Flickr.

Heavy dump truck

Heavy dump truck by Gandoza
Heavy dump truck, a photo by Gandoza on Flickr.

3d model of Peterbilt

3d model of Peterbilt by Gandoza
3d model of Peterbilt, a photo by Gandoza on Flickr.

3D Model Civilian Aircraft

A morining in the Church (explore)