Tuesday, January 28, 2014

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Humidity control for your oven idea. Last votes

Hello could you support the idea Humidity control for your oven I count with your support.

Olá a todos uma nova ideia minha na quirky espero pelo vosso voto

The Problem

MY oven at home do not have humidity control , so the rise in my bread is not so much, and if I want the crusty part with a normal oven I can get it, Many series of bread I have seen and they recommend a tray with water to do that. But it uses much space inside the oven.
Something that could convert traditional oven in a woven like the one show in the video of youtube oven from AEG

The Solution

My solution to this problem is to have a small product inside the oven like a cube that we could put inside the oven with water and generate steam inside for being able to do inside home french bread , so the control of the humidity would be app remote. this way we could generate several ambients inside the oven for better cooking.
I am posting some ovens with humidity control but still this is not what I would like to create , the factor is that the cube humidifier would be the conversor from conventional oven to Oven with controlled humidity .
I would like that the cube would be small enough to put in the oven and that could stand heat and the compartment for the water that would have water enough for 2 hours of cooking.
The app should control the water released

Saturday, January 11, 2014

God's Gift Packaging Project

 ECH2O Water

Based on "Posiedon" the Greek God of the sea, student Reece Crowder produced this conceptual packaging for a bottle of water that self replenishes.