Macro LadybugsIreland-based photographer Tomasz Skoczen has a...

Macro Ladybugs

Ireland-based photographer Tomasz Skoczen has a knack for taking macro images, exposing the rarely seen worlds that surround us. Skoczen uses a Canon 5D Mark II in his backyard where he finds these marco scenes.

Skoczen knows a lot about his diminutive subjects: “There are over five thousand species in the family in which the ladybug belongs. They are small, between .8 and 18 millimeters and they display a range of colors including red, orange, and yellow. Their covers are striped, spotted in black, or they can have no markings at all. There are also many species which are completely one color, like black, gray or brown, which can make them difficult to distinguish from other species of insects. The number of spots on a ladybug’s back does not represent its age.”

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