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You Could Mine 1 Bitcoin Per Month If You Harvested the Body Heat from 44,000 People

theartofanimation: 7_kawa  -  - ...

Harry Winston Opus 11 - Official Video


monsterism: ‎Tamer Poyraz Demiralp

architectura: Empire Plaza, Albany, NY during a blizzard. 

Time Twister - LEGO Mindstorms Digital Clock


Colorized photo of Times Square, 1903.

Postmen on Autoped scooters, Washington D.C., 1917People think...

RM 309 #3, by 600v

1969 Future limo and scene, the “Sentinel 400”, Syd Mead

African Heritage, 1971

Geometrography is an amazing place to do color schemes

Plotter made out of cardboard

etherax: Art by Florent Llamas

rhubarbes: ArtStation - Destiny 2 - Player Ships, by Mark Van...

lightresist: Jaewoo Kim


thecollectibles:personal work by Siwoo Kim

thecollectibles:personal work by Siwoo Kim

rushahead: For more Urban. Vintage. Grunge. check...


spacecoolboy:From Garage Magazine’s North Face editorial

graphic-resign:Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Official...

gentlecar:De Tomaso Pantera

formtrends: This is what the interior of #Renault’s R.S. Vision...

c0ry-c0nvoluted: Cool character concepts from –> Rostyslav...

supyrb: COME IN

social-media-advertising: Advertising Ideas: Clever Copywriting...

narcym-noesis:Ash Thorp - 2018

lightresist:“Ghost In The Shell” — Vitaly Bulgarov

cyberclays: Mars city - by Vitali Timkin “Under the...

empyreanskin:Michael Lomonosov



scipunk:SP. 103 - Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie (2015)

babinus: “Nous ne sommes nous qu'aux yeux des autres et c'est à...

scifiction: Via @Netflix

blues4d: lil shippie