Modular Hammer

Do vote for This idea till 20 of february

The Problem

Having the right hammer for the right job is many times difficult since the general people only buy one hammer to do all the jobs, but many times having the right hammer for the right job is essencial in many ways.

The Solution

My idea is to build a modular piece that can integrate several hammer head types for different jobs, so i made a video to show people my idea for a modular hammer and how it should be the cube in the render and video is the main piece that will receive the different hammer heads for particular jobs .
The video only shows 4 pieces in the hammer theres the Handle that if it breaks since normally is made in wood it can be replaced. The claw that can have many shapes, the Head peen would be another piece of the hammer so to understand the Peen and the claws can be attached in one side and the other side of the cube could be attached several ( neck , face and poll ) parts.
The connect point could be made in Thread System or Click and go
The cube is the main piece that leaves receive different parts. The kit should have a dozen configurations with which to work in different departments.
So I can have a dozen hammers in one, the hammer would be the most versatile as possible so that you can perform work in metal and other materials differentes with better precision. Any Dad would love this type of tool.


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