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Valentino SS16

Once again we have a perfect example of how a beautiful and intricate collection is tainted by lack of diversity in show casting. 

Chiuri and Picciolo were deeply inspired by “wild, tribal Africa” whilst also trying to convey a message regarding the current migrant crisis. Over the past year, refugees from Senegal, Nigeria, Eritrea, Mali, Gambia… have been fleeing across the Mediterranean to Southern Italy. The Italian designers therefore wanted to bring attention to this with a delicate fusion between Italian and African textiles.

“We probably feel that the greatest privilege in doing our work is that fashion can give a message… We think every person coming here is an individual, and we can show that we can improve ourselves by understanding other cultures.” said Chiuri in conversion with Vogue.

I firmly believe that if your collection is going to focus on the relationship between African and Italian culture, this has to be reflected in the casting. 

Out of 87 looks, only 8 were given to black models.

Oh and the cornrows? Who thought it was a good idea to style this on a predominantly white runway? Furthermore, the soundtrack during the show was bongo-style drumming.

The elegant collection, which in places does convey the coming together of two cultures, is completely overshadowed by the ignorance and the cultural misappropriation nightmare they have created.

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