cyberclays: Gladiator - by Vitaly Bulgarov “A melee...


Gladiator - by Vitaly Bulgarov

“A melee “combat sport” robot with its design/idea inspired by gladiators and WW2 style gear I did for my master-class for the upcoming Artstation/Gnomon:
14 chapters of total 3.5h long class explains and shows my process for creating a robotic 3D Concept Design for Entertainment using a workflow that combines digital sculpting, polygonal modeling and CAD software. In my case it’s ZBrush, Softimage and Moi3D, but with its emphasis on principles rather than just showing how the software works I do hope this class will be useful regardless of what your software of choice is. Rendering-wise I used Octane, but the same lighting/shading setup can be used in Keyshot or any other modern renderer. Cheers!”

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